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Pontoon Berths

Service Bay: 
To be booked through the Property Officer or Office and to be available at all times with the exception of Fridays, Sundays and Public Holidays from noon onwards. 

Pontoon Times:
Berthing time on the pontoon is to be for a maximum of 30 minutes, except the service bay where booked.  No vessel is to be left unattended AT ALL TIMES.

Grid Bookings:
All grid bookings are to be made through the Property Officer or Office; only the grid number issued is to be used.

Launching and Haul outs
All launching and haulouts, apart from trailer boats, are to be arranged with the Property Officer or Office at least one week in advance.  All ground in the vicinity of hauled out vessels is to be kept clean and tidy at all times by occupiers.

The current fee for hard site use shall be such a sum as the Executive Committee shall, from time to time, determine.  Any major repairs are to be assessed by the Property Officer and permission to carry out the same is to be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  All trolleys and cradles on the hard site area are to have the owner's name and phone number clearly marked.  For purposes of cleaning down, the Club trolley must be parked adjacent to tap after use.

Unsecured Dinghies
Dinghies not locked overnight are to be impounded and will be released on payment of a penalty fee, upon proof of ownership. 


Dinghy Lockers/Pontoon Position (Plus Agreement)

1)    The dinghy locker/pontoon position are to remain the property of the Te Atatu Boating Club 

2)    A dinghy locker/pontoon position may be allocated to and retained by a financial member only.  No 
      member shall be allocated more than one locker/pontoon position at any time.  Applications for 
      locker/pontoon position allocations should be made in writing to the executive committee.

3)    The annual fee for each locker/pontoon position shall be a sum as the Executive Committee shall 
       from time to time, determine.

4)    Any member no longer requiring the use of a locker/pontoon position must notify the Executive 
      Committee of their intention to relinquish their locker/pontoon position rights, whereby their bond 
      will be refunded and the locker/pontoon position reallocated to the next on the waiting list.

5)     The occupier of a locker/pontoon position upon having their membership terminated, resigning 
       membership, or becoming an unfinancial member, will forfeit all rights of locker space and will be 
       refunded the original bond.


The Te Atatu Boating Club (Inc) shall not be responsible for the property of members left in or about the Club House or Club grounds.

No gambling, betting or objectionable language or behavior of any kind will be allowed.  any infringement of this rule shall be brought to the notice of the Executive Committee and will be dealt with accordingly.

A tidy standard of dress from 6:00pm daily.

No caps to be worn after 6:30pm daily.

No member shall remove any property belonging to the Te Atatu Boating Club (Inc) from the Clubhouse or property without the written permission of the Executive Committee.

Members will at all times carry their membership cards and observe and abide by the laws and regulations stipulated by the Liquor Licensing Authority upon the Te Atatu Boating Club (Inc).  All members will observe a reasonable standard of dress at all times.

The Executive Committee shall subject to the provisions of these rules, have the power to make, alter or rescind such bylaws or regulations it, from time to time, may consider necessary for the efficient running of the club.

A visitor may be signed in on no more than twelve occasions in any one financial year.

All parking signs are to be observed and/or any direction given by the custodian.

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